Provider Interview: CNP Raina Vretenar with Mount Carmel Pulmonary & Sleep

At Ohio Sleep Treatment, many of our patients are referrals from local sleep providers that trust us to treat their patients with the highest level of care. We are thrilled to shine the spotlight in today’s S’News blog post on Raina Vretenar, CNP at Mount Carmel Pulmonary and Sleep, Grove City. Raina has an impressive career of 9 years as a nurse in the ICU [Intensive Care Unit], followed by her current position as a CNP [Certified Nurse Practitioner] where her focus is towards delivering quality sleep back into the lives of her patients’ through sleep medicine. We are grateful to have the partnership that we do with Raina, as her dedication to successfully treating sleep disorders in her patients is truly unwavering, just like our team of sleep professionals. That is why Raina trusts that when she refers her patients to Ohio Sleep Treatment, they will be in good hands! We hope you enjoy the below interview and are able to learn more about Raina and her partnership with our dental sleep medicine practice.

1) Briefly describe yourself, educational background, and current position.

    • ICU nurse for 9 years, now working on Pulm[onary] and Sleep as a CNP [Certified Nurse Practitioner]. Loves Jesus, my family, and Pitbull Vinnie! 🙂

2) What made you choose your current field?

    • The Pulmonary field was a natural transition from working in ICU, and sleep medicine is fascinating so it was the perfect combination!

3) Finish this sentence… The part of my job I enjoy the most is

    • Of course, hearing how getting a patient’s sleep pathology treated changes his/her life entirely!

4) How did you first hear about Ohio Sleep Treatment (O.S.T.)?

    • From a pamphlet at our office. Rob has been WONDERFUL to work with!!

5) Describe the nature of your professional relationship with Ohio Sleep Treatment?

    • I refer essentially all of my patient’s to O.S.T. that have chosen the oral appliance option for OSA or snoring tx [treatment].

6) Describe a unique process/feature/organizational attribute that makes Ohio Sleep Treatment a valuable referral partner.

    • Fast response and with patient/product questions and incredibly easy to communicate with. 
    • Remarkable ability to get tx covered by insurance.
    • Never had any patient complaints about O.S.T.

7) Why would you recommend Ohio Sleep Treatment to other providers in your field?

    • O.S.T. makes everything easy!! I always feel relieved when a patient chooses this option because I know he/she will be in good hands!

8) What recommendations would you make to the team at Ohio Sleep Treatment to improve their practice? Why is that important?

    • Hmm… I don’t think there is anything to change necessarily… We’ve had a handful of follow-up HSTs [home sleep tests] where AHI [Apnea Hypopnea Index] hadn’t changed much, but short of having a magic wand I don’t think there is anything to change.

9) Describe the ideal dental sleep medicine practice/referral partner.

    • “Ohio Sleep Treatment LLC” (see question #6)  🙂 

We want to thank Raina for taking the time to answer our questions and share an insider’s perspective on referring patients to our dental sleep medicine practice. We also want to thank Raina and her team at the Mount Carmel Pulmonary & Sleep Grove City location for their commitment to treating patients suffering from numerous sleep disorders. Your commitment to delivering quality sleep to Central Ohioans is one we are grateful to support and we thank you for trusting Ohio Sleep Treatment in that mission. 

If you would like to set up an in-person or virtual meeting with one of our sleep professionals to learn more about referring patients to our practice, we would be happy to discuss further with you! Man of our patients are referrals from local sleep providers. We would be honored to work with you and your team. Send us an email at or call us at (614) 396-8286 or schedule a meeting online.

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