Interview with Dr. Mark Murphy, Lead Faculty of Clinical Education for Prosomnus Sleep Technologies, Inc

We are thrilled to highlight Dr. Mark Murphy, the Lead Faculty of Clinical Education for ProSomnus Sleep Technologies Inc in this weeks’ S’news blog article.  ProSomnus Sleep Technologies designs and manufactures oral appliances for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Their oral appliances are a favorite among dental sleep professionals and patients due to their durability, comfort, and unique design. Dr. Murphy has over 30 years of impressive experience spanning from years of successful dentistry practice to his current position as lead faculty of clinical education at ProSomnus. We hope you enjoy this installment with Dr. Murphy Lead Faculty of Clinical Education for ProSomnus as he shares what makes ProSomnus an industry powerhouse!

What brought you to the sleep industry, and what about the industry and/or ProSomnus made you want to stay?

I taught a TMD [temporomandibular disorders] course with Keith Thornton 30 years ago at the Pankey Institute and he inspired me to add DSM [dental sleep medicine] to my treatment regimen. While lecturing and teaching for MicroDental Laboratories, we developed a sleep device you now know as the ProSomnus [IA]. It replaced my Somnomed Dorsal and I was hooked…when ProSomnus spun out from Micro when the lab sold to Modern dental, I went along with the sleep device company as lead faculty.

ProSomnus [IA]

What makes ProSomnus stand out from other Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT) device manufacturers?

The only true PRECISION devices, easy to keep clean and better comfort and outcomes. Nobody makes devices the way ProSomnus does, period. They have changed the industry.

Which OAT device is most popular and/or successful amongst patients?

There are more Herbst appliances done (because of price) than any other design, Dorsal designs are next followed by TAPs and other outliers. However…the most prescribed manufacturer and device combination today in NA is the ProSomnus [IA].  I am a huge IA fan…and also use some PHs because of the PDAC guidelines…but just wait and see what ProSomnus is up to next!

Where do you see the sleep industry, or more specifically, ProSomnus, heading in the near future (5-10 years)? 

Helping dentists earn the trust of physicians so they can work together to grow the market for OAT. The continued evolution of materials and technology will continue to give us better devices…the older legacy designs are becoming dinosaurs. 

Do you expect technological advances to help further the success of diagnosing and treating those suffering from obstructive sleep apnea?

Yes of course…the diagnosing needs to reach more folks. Only 80-85% of those estimated to have OSA have been diagnosed. Treatment with OAT will quickly become more like parts of Europe where it is used for more than half of all [treatment]. In the US today OAT is 5-8% and CPAP makes up the rest.

When talking with sleep physicians who only prescribe CPAP treatment to their obstructive sleep apnea patients, what obstacles or potential concerns do they have about oral appliance therapy?

That’s easy, we have surveyed sleep docs. 1) Doesn’t work, 2) Insurance will not cover, and 3) Side effects. They also do not know how or where to find qualified dentists.

If you are able to share, what is a project that ProSomnus is currently working on that you are excited for?

Shhhh. We are testing new materials and designs all the time… sit tight and keep an open eye. We also are working on physician acceptance of OAT. A 10% shift in their prescribing patterns would triple the OAT market.

If you could say one thing to those questioning treatment for their sleep apnea, what would you say and why? 

Treating OSA in any manner that works for you (CPAP, OAT, surgery, positional, weight loss) will improve the QUALITY and QUANTITY of your life.

How can MDs and Dentists work better together in an effort to treat diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea patients? 

Dentistry has to be more professional in their communication, documentation, and relationships with physicians and we have to use the latest state of the art devices because sleep docs see old delaminated and gunky devices at recall and we look bad.

And lastly, how can sleep doctors reading this article best reach out to you if they are interested in supplying ProSomnus devices at their sleep office?

Contact information for Dr. Murphy: and cell (248) 561-9951

We would like to once again thank Dr. Murphy for taking the time out of his busy schedule to answer our questions and for devoting over 30 years of his career to the development of the dental sleep medicine field.  His efforts and passion undoubtedly impact the lives of many sleep apnea patients, both past and in the future.  

As Prosomnus continues to grow and expand the dental sleep medicine field, we will continue to observe their success and impact.  Thank you again to Dr. Murphy Lead Faculty of Clinical Education for ProSomnus and Prosomnus Sleep Technologies Inc for your unwavering commitment to treating a disease that affects so many.  

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