Interview with an Ohio Sleep Physician, Dr. Roy

We are honored today to spend some time with Dr. Asim Roy, a board-certified sleep physician and the Managing Director at Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute. OSMI is one of the first freestanding centers of sleep medicine created in the United States. Established in 1989, its mission has been dedicated to delivering the best quality in sleep medicine care. First, a bit of history on OSMI before beginning our interview with Dr Roy.

Founded by the late Helmut S. Schmidt, M.D., the institute emphasizes the importance of diagnosing, treating, and managing patients in the most thorough manner. Dr. Helmut Schmidt’s vision and dedication to the field of sleep medicine helped transform what used to be an unknown specialty into a well established medical field with its own certification standards and a strong voice on a national level. Furthermore, he was the first President of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and founding organizer of the first annual Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS) meeting in Columbus, OH (1986). In fact, he later helped to establish sleep medicine as a recognized specialty.  Enjoy!

1) Briefly describe yourself, educational background, and current position.

  • Sleep Neurologist, trained at Georgetown University
  • Cleveland Clinic for neurophysiology/sleep fellowship
  • Worked at Tufts University (Baystate Medical Center – community-based hospital)
  • Then became faculty at University Of Pittsburgh Medical Center in the neurology and sleep department
  • Currently for the past 9 years medical director/partner in private practice – Ohio Sleep Medicine Institute

2) What made you choose your current field?

  • A couple of rotations I had during residency – one month with Dr. Helmut Schmidt here in Columbus
  • Then a grand rounds given by Dr. Emmanual Mignot from Standford

3) Finish this sentence… “The part of my job I enjoy the most is…”

  • practicing cutting edge sleep medicine.

4) How did you first hear about Ohio Sleep Treatment?

  • Rob Kibler

5) Describe the nature of your professional relationship with Ohio Sleep Treatment.

  • We refer patients there and OST also provides in house oral appliance therapy for our patients.

6) Describe a unique process/feature/organizational attribute that makes Ohio Sleep Treatment a valuable referral partner.

  • Patient satisfaction
  • Communication between our office and their office
  • Team players

7) Why would you recommend Ohio Sleep Treatment to other providers in your field?

  • They are doing great work with dental sleep medicine and have provided invaluable care for our patients.

8) What recommendations would you make to the team at Ohio Sleep Treatment to improve their practice? Why is that important? 

  • Continue to grow the dental sleep field; patients need options

9) Describe the ideal dental sleep medicine practice/referral partner. 

  • Ohio Sleep Treatment

To conclude, a huge thanks to Dr. Asim Roy from all of us here at Ohio Sleep Treatment for his time, effort and partnership is treating sleep apnea patients. We are grateful for your continued support.   If you are a practitioner in need of a trusted dental sleep medicine partner, please contact us to schedule a lunch or a ZOOM call! We would be delighted to serve.

Want to hear from another one of our sleep provider partners? Check out our interview with a Certified Nurse Practitioner here!

Lastly, we love reading your comments.  Post below and sleep well!


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