Top 10 Devices for Better Sleep

The Ohio Sleep Treatment team is ready to round up our top 10 device discoveries for better sleep! For weeks now, our team has been highlighting innovative forms of sleep technology via our new social media series, Sleep Tech Tuesday! In today’s article, we share our favorite devices to help you sleep better and take back the night! If any peak your interest, click the product title or image to shop. If you enjoy the Sleep Tech Tuesday series, let us know in the comments below by sharing your favorite sleep enhancing device!

white noise sleep device for better sleep

Top 10 Devices for Better Sleep:

1) Amazon’s Portable White Noise Machine

Amazon’s Portable White Noise Machine is perfect for those people who just cannot fall asleep in silence. This machine is Alexa compatible and able to emit soft and soothing sounds all night long. This machine comes with over 30 different sounds and also includes a headphone jack for those sharing a sleep space. The small size of this portable machine makes it extremely easy to pack and bring anywhere you may go, helping you achieve better sleep on the go. 

2) The SomnoDent® Herbst Advance® by SomnoMed® 

Here at Ohio Sleep Treatment, we specialize in treating obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliance therapy. While the remaining devices mentioned in this article are sleep-enhancing products you can purchase online, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to showcase one of our most popular dental devices, the Herbst Advance by SomnoMed. Ohio Sleep Treatment is an authorized Medicare provider, so the Herbst Advance is one we deliver to our patients often. The Herbst Advance comes with a 3-year product warranty against manufacturing defects for Medicare patients; 2 years for Non-Medicare patients. Since it allows for more side-to-side movement, this appliance is great for patients who grind their teeth at night. Equally important is the visible indicator for easier titration. This allows our patients to adjust their appliances at home with guidance from our team of sleep professionals. The Herbst is easy to adjust, offering a comfortable fit, and helps to manage sleep apnea effectively. This device will continue to be a popular oral appliance used to treat our patients.

To learn more about obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and the symptoms to look out for, click here to read an overview of OSA. You can also take the quick 8-question sleepiness quiz here to see if you are at risk of excessive daytime sleepiness, a common symptom of OSA. As always, our team of sleep professionals are one phone call away to give you the support you deserve.

light therapy alarm clock

3) The Philips WakeUp Light Therapy Alarm Clock

The Philips Wake-Up Light Therapy Alarm Clock is a new kind of alarm clock that helps you wake up in a better mood! This alarm clock contains a large LED light bulb that recreates a natural sunrise and sunset in your own bedroom. This peaceful recreation helps to ease you in and out of your sleep cycles in a calm and natural way. This alarm clock also comes with pre-recorded white noises, such as ocean waves or classical music. This device also can connect to your favorite FM radio station. In conclusion, this alarm clock is perfect for those who like to sleep with their blinds shut, while also reaping the benefits of waking to natural light.

hug sleep pod for better sleep

4) The Hug Sleep Pod (As Seen on Shark Tank)

The Hug Sleep Pod started out as a small idea on Shark Tank. Since then, it has grown into something much bigger. The Hug Sleep Pod boasts a simple design that uses gentle compression. This compression applies a calming pressure around your entire body. This calming pressure is meant to simulate the same calming pressure you receive from a hug! It is proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. This product is made with a specialized four-way stretch fabric that helps to achieve a gentle, calming pressure. The fabric was designed to be lightweight and breathable to help with temperature regulation while you sleep at night. One of the best features about the Hug Sleep Pod is that it is machine wash and dryer safe, allowing easy maintenance for an easy sleep.

sleep mask and headphones device for better sleep

5) The LC-Dolida Sleep Headphones

The LC-Dolida Sleep Headphones are unique in a way that they double as a sleep mask as well. The sleek design features bluetooth headphones built right into the sleep mask. This headphone/mask combination was designed with an elastic headband to keep everything in place throughout the night. The device was designed with extra padding around the ears and eyes to allow for maximum comfort and better sleep. The bluetooth capabilities allow you to connect to any smart device nearby. Fall asleep to soothing music, a podcast, or white noise for a relaxing slumber. These headphones are perfect for those with a bed partner, as you can listen to sounds without disturbing your partner.

6) The Smart NoraSmart Nora pillow insert device for better sleep

The Smart Nora is an advanced form of positional therapy that is extremely easy to use. The Smart Nora was designed with the main goal of reducing snoring as you sleep. This pillow insert was carefully designed for both back and side sleepers. The insert spans the length of your entire pillow, providing you full support. It works with any type of pillow, soft, firm foam… you name it! Smart Nora uses a speaker to listen for and detect any early signs of snoring throughout the night. Once activated, Smart Nora will create gentle movement by inflating the insert under your pillow. This gentle motion then stimulates your throat muscles to stop any loud or bothersome snoring, helping you get a more restful night of sleep.

7) The Embr Wave BraceletEmbr Wave Bracelet

The Embr Wave Bracelet is a revolutionary piece of technology for those who struggle adjusting to a comfortable temperature. Whether you need cooled down or heated up, this bracelet can stimulate the sensitive skin on the inside of your wrist with a temperature regulated sensation. This sensation then signals your nerves and sends a message to your brain that will quickly adjust your body temperature. This bracelet connects to the Embr Wave app where the user can control all functions. With the help of this device, users can achieve better sleep and avoid the discomfort of being “too hot” or “too cold” at night. This watch comes in many different colors, and the thin and sleek design makes it extremely comfortable to sleep in.

8) Cradlewise A.I. Baby Crib Cradlewise artificial intelligence baby crib for better sleep

The Cradlewise A.I. Baby Crib is the perfect purchase for any new or soon-to-be parents. The sleek and modern design of this crib comes in white and light colored wood. It is sure to fit in seamlessly with any existing nursery. An arch over the crib itself has a live baby monitor and a camera built in. The bed of this crib is able to lower as your child ages, making the transition from bassinet to crib seamless. This A.I. crib is able to learn your child’s sleep patterns and can sense when they shift around and start to wake up. If your child begins to wake up, Cradlewise will sense this and automatically begin to gently bounce, easing your child back to sleep.

By learning what your child prefers, this crib is able to create personalized “sleep recipes”. These include their favorite sounds or songs to fall asleep to. Lastly, Cradlewise comes with its own app. The built in baby monitor and camera send feed directly to this app so parents can check on their child whenever. This ap lets parents control and customize features of the crib, and is able to provide analytics to report on a child’s sleep quality.

9) The Eight Sleep “Pod” Mattresseight sleep pod mattress for better sleep

The Eight Sleep “Pod” Mattress is at the forefront of nighttime temperature regulating technology. Eight Sleep has developed a special active grid™ cooling technology as the first layer of this mattress. This flexible grid conforms to your body, relieving pressure points. In addition, it uses an intricate water system to help keep your body cool all night. The second layer of this mattress comes as the comfort blend™ integrated topper. This topper adds an additional layer of foam, increasing support for your body throughout the mattress. Following the comfort blend™ layer, there is a 0.01 in. thick layer of seamless sensing technology. This allows the “Pod” Mattress to sense breathing patterns and body temperature to adjust the mattress to your body’s needs.

Furthermore, four layers of Certi-Pur US certified foam combine to create an actual mattress that will conform to your body and cradle it all night long. The Eight Sleep “Pod” Mattress also comes with a water hub that pumps 3.2 liters of water through the active grid™ layer for temperature control. This hub is also able to connect to wifi for easy remote control of all heating and cooling elements. Finally, this mattress uses intelligent SmartTemp™ A.I. in order to predict the temperature changes your body will need while you sleep. This A.I. technology is the key to achieving perfect sleep temperature and is sure to keep you comfortable all night long.

10) Honati Air Purifier air purifier for better sleep

This air purifier is perfect for those with allergies or sensitivities to air quality. It effectively improves indoor air quality so you can enjoy fresh air at home. As it captures allergens, pet hair, dander, pollen, smoke, mold, odor and dust particles, you can feel confident the air your breathing at night is top quality. At night, choose between two brightness (soft light and standard light) settings to help you see in the evening or turn the light off entirely to create your ideal sleep environment. The soft and soothing hum will be sure to lull you into a restful sleep. 

All of us here at Ohio Sleep Treatment have loved being able to share with you some amazing technological advancements in the sleep space and we cannot wait to share more. While this list contains our top 10 favorite sleep devices for better sleep, there’s still more! If you would like to explore more Sleep Tech Tuesday content, follow us on all social platforms, linked below! Sleep-enhancing products like the ones listed should never replace medical attention when a potential sleep disorder is present. If you think you may be suffering from a medical condition, such as obstructive sleep apnea, speak with your physician immediately. If you are diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, ask your physician about oral appliance therapyAnd if you enjoyed today’s article, be sure to visit our blog for more fun and educational content! You can also check out all “sleep aid” related articles geared towards providing useful tools for a better night’s sleep!





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